Route Optimization API

The most powerful route optimization engine on the market.

Optimize tens of thousands of stops in a single optimization, and parameterize around the constraints that make sense for your business. Need a GUI to display and alter routes? Send has you covered there, too.

Built for easy integration

If you’re moving off an existing provider, Send can mirror your input data formats to make your transition as seamless as possible.

A solution that scales as you do

Carriers of all sizes use Send for optimization - 1,000 stops to 100,000+ stops in a single optimization, no pre-batching required.

Visualize your operations

Effortless tweaking and last-minute accommodation with a powerful interface that allows you to drag and drop to re-optimize and split or merge routes at the click of a button.

Designed by operators, for operators

Send’s route optimization API is built to support constraints that matter to your operation. Our map-based interface provides dispatchers and operations managers the power to manage route composition as they see fit.

Need to make a change on the fly? Powerful drag and drop functionality allows you to reassign stops and auto-reoptimize automatically. Route metrics like duration, distance, number of stops, and ETAs are built-in.

Operating windows

Define your hours of service to  ensure you deliver within SLA

Time-critical stops/appointment deliveries

Optimize against specific order requirements

Service time

Send factors for time spent completing a delivery so you don’t fall behind

Return to depot

Routes can be made circular if you require the vehicles to return to their point of origin

Scheduled breaks

Remain compliant and factor driver break time into your routes

Vehicle capacity

Never under or overload a vehicle again. Send optimizes for capacity utilization

Parcel size and weights

Ensure the parcels you want to deliver can be delivered by the vehicles in your fleet

Type and quantity of vehicles

Whether you’re using vans, or contractor-owned vehicles, Send accounts for it


Send’s proprietary clustering methodology ensures that optimizations are blazing fast, and that deliveries are completed in the most efficient way

Ready to empower your operation?

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