Our Platform

A complete operating platform, designed for scale

Onboard new business faster, automate operations, and capture data for analysis through software solutions designed for the modern carrier. Send’s customers manage their operations with less headcount, while reducing costs, effort, and errors.



From direct integrations with CMS platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, to ERP and WMS integrations, we make sure connecting to customers isn’t a barrier to growing your business.

Our team will handle your integrations with customers at no additional cost to you - freeing up valuable time to do the things you do best.  Think of us as an extension of your team.

Address Validation

Validate thousands of addresses at a time at the click of a button and without leaving the platform.

You'll never have to worry about fixing the same address twice.

Advanced Route Optimization

Optimize tens of thousands of deliveries in a single optimization. Account for vehicle capacity, traffic data, dynamic service time, and more.

Drag and drop pins individually or in bulk to quickly adjust and automatically reoptimize selected routes.


Handle complex sorting logic within a simple interface. Capture scan events, sequence and batch orders, and more.  Reduce errors, increase productivity and dispatch faster than ever before.

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Driver Management

Add drivers, attach vehicle profiles, and manage important documents.


Auto assign, split, merge, and modify routes at the click of a button.  Provide contractors with the autonomy to select and confirm routes while remaining compliant with local laws.

Monitor routes in real time and manage potential issues proactively.  Check-in on POD information as it becomes available to verify delivery standards are where you expect them to be.

Dispatcher view

Delivery Notifications

Customize SMS and email notifications for each merchant you deliver for. Send critical updates and tracking information throughout the delivery process.

Automated Reporting

Simplify administrative and operational functions by automatically generating and sending email reports for unreceived parcels, delivery statuses, volume reports, and billing.  

Empower account managers to lead insightful conversations with existing accounts while saving time, effort, and cost across financial, operational and executive reporting.


With a single click, Send generates detailed billing reports for each merchant you deliver for.


Track delivery metrics across the board by driver, by merchant, by hub, and more.

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